Barrett's Garage offers Vortex Sprayliners for virtually any application you can think of.  The Vortex Applied Coating is the best choice of liners.  the surface is smooth to the touch, easy to clean, yet wont sand down you precious cargo as with coarse spray on liner systems. Vortex comes in over 200 colors.

Vortex brand is so much more than just vehicles.  Vortex also deals Granitex which can be used on many different surfaces.  Read below to find out what Vortex & Granitex can do for you.

Vortex :

  • Bonds to the truck bed for an airtight seal that prevents rust and corrosion from oxidation of the metal surface.
    Since it bonds directly to the EXACT contours of the truck, no moisture can be trapped between the Vortex™ bed liner and the truck bed as with a drop in liner.
  • The Vortex™ bed liner will actually strengthen your truck bed and reduce road noise by stopping vibration. Vortex™ absorbs impact from heavy loads such as bricks, tools and other supplies as well as virtually eliminating the possibility of denting the inside of your truck bed.
  • A wide range of assorted colors is available as well as custom colors.
  • Adheres directly to the truck so it can’t be stolen, lifted out or removed. Your truck protection is always there.
  • Unlike a drop in liner, the Vortex™ Spray On Liner won’t crack, split, tear, rot, corrode, or warp. Most importantly, it wont scratch the paint off of the bed by vibrating, exposing bare metal.
  • Can be applied directly and exactly where you want it. Around 5th wheel plates, light bars and any accessories you don’t want Vortexed™.
  • No excess space is taken up as with drop in liners. You can maximize the full truck bed for usage.
  • No fastening or screws to worry about. It bonds permanently to your truck walls, bed and tailgate.
  • Ultra-Violet system helps prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays radiation.
  • Increases the value of your truck.
  • Backed by a full written warranty 


Granitex is a Polyphatic Glaze is a hybrid combination of the extremely durable Polyurea base resin with UV & a chemical resistant Aliphatic Urethane. Polyphatic comes in either a solid high gloss color for solid colored floors, graphics, logos or splashes of color to give your surface a unique highlight or can be applied to give you a Faux Granite looking finish that looks like a million dollars. High impact and stain resistant.

Our Unique POLYPHATIC Floor Glaze provides our dealers the opportunity to offer attractive, high impact durable, and longer lasting floor coverings.

Vortex is great for your truck ved but also has many other applications.  Vortex is extremely versatileit it can be applied to meatl to prevent rust, concrete to protect your floor or make a more comfortable work spacea nd wood to prevent rot.  Vortex is also FDA approved for all the needs of a commercial kitchen.  


Some of the applications Vortex and Granitex can be used on:

RV/Mobile home roofs

farm and construction equipment


    Horse/stock trailers

    Boat trailers

    landscaping and construction trailers

    Tiny home trailers

    Large truck trailers

wood or cement decks

boat decks

pool decks

tank protection

concrete walls


snow plows

garage floors

heated floors (vortex has a rating of R4 and is cheaper than tile)

The possibilities are truly endless